2nd Brown-Adult

Techniques:                                     Attacks:

1. MENACING TWIRL – Rear left hand belt grab

2. LEAP FROM DANGER – Rear two hand push

3. CIRCLES OF PROTECTION – Front right step thru overhead punch

4. ROTATING DESTRUCTION – Front right thrust and left spinning back kicks

5. BROKEN GIFT – Front handshake

6. ESCAPE FROM DEATH – Rear right arm choke

7. CAPTURING THE STORM – Front right step thru overhead club

8. INTERCEPTING THE RAM – Front tackle (low)

9. SECURING THE STORM – Front right step thru roundhouse club

10. THE BACK BREAKER – Front left step thru punch

11. DECEPTIVE PANTHER – Combination right low front snap kick and right roundhouse kick

12. TWIRLING SACRIFICE – Full nelson

13. HEAVENLY ASCENT – Front two hand choke arms straight

14. FALLING FALCON – Front-right direct lapel grab

15.TAMING THE MACE – Front right step thru punch

16. DEFENSIVE CROSS – Front right snap kick

17. CROSS OF DEATH – Front two hand cross choke

18. KNEEL OF COMPULSION – Right flank right step thru punch

19. BOWING TO BUDDHA – Right roundhouse kick

20. GLANCING WING – Left front uppercut punch

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