3rd Brown-Adult

1. DOMINATING CIRCLES Front-off set right grab to right shoulder
2. TWIST OF FATE Front two hand push
3. FLASHING MACE Front right step thru punch
4. DETOUR FROM DOOM Front right roundhouse kick
5. GIFT OF DESTINY Front handshake
6. BLINDING SACRIFICE Front two hand shoulder grab
7. RETURNING THE STORM Inward roundhouse and backhand club
8. GLANCING SPEAR Front right direct wrist grab to left arm
9. ENCOUNTER WITH DANGER Front two hand push
10. GATHERING CLOUDS Front right step thru punch
11. CIRCLE OF DOOM Step thru right front kick
12. SQUATTING SACRIFICE Rear bear hug-(arms free)
13. FALLEN CROSS Rear two hand choke
14. BRUSHING THE STORM Right flank step thru overhead club
15. DESPERATE FALCONS Front two hand mirrored wrist grabs (both)
16. CIRCLING THE HORIZON Front right step thru punch
17. GRIPPING TALON Front left direct wrist grab
18. BROKEN RAM Front tackle
19. CIRCLING DESTRUCTION Front left step thru punch
20. OBSCURE CLAWS Right flank left hand shoulder grab

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