What is Kenpo?

Kenpo is…


At Desert Dragons, we teach American Kenpo Karate a traditional karate modified for the streets of America.

It is a modification of traditional Chinese Kenpo to suit our modern society. Rather than learning how to  break boards and bricks, the American Kenpo Karate students learn the principles behind their own  natural force and natural weapons for realistic and practical self-defense against violent assaults.

The concepts and principles taught enable Kenpoists to prevail when attacked, even against larger  or multiple attackers. Students learn, for instance, to borrow the force of an attacker and use the  attacker’s own strength to counter attack.

Children, as well as adults are taught to defend against a complete spectrum of attacks,  including verbal assaults, grabs, chokes, holds, punches, kicks, and weapon attacks while delivering  disabling counter attacks.


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