Peoria Outreach

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Desert Dragons is contracted through a charter school in Peoria to instruct martial arts to meet the 5th grade PE requirements.  The program is designed to develop flexiblity, strength, body awareness, coordination, mechanics of properly using physical energy, plus character and leadership building.  Students are taught the kenpo curriculum to build a vocabulary of responses to types of confrontations, all set in a fun challenging environment.

By teaching kids proper alignment and mechanics, students learn to interact in a very safe encouraging setting under the instruction of Mr. Rob and Mrs. Jessi.  Desert Dragons also provides the opportunity for students to test at the studio to earn rank at each level to certifiy their learning. Many students continue their training over the summer intensive programs and afterschool classes as well.  With dedicated training, students can enter college with their Black Belts, a tremendous asset to add to their academic applications, and a security insurance for both the students and parents while thier children enter the collegiate arena.

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