Adult Classes

Adults (Minimum age 14 w/approval)

Class Times:
M, W, Th 7-8
T 6-7
Sat. 10:45-12:15

Adult classes include a comprehensive curriculum that scaffolds learning at each level.   Students will gain knowledge in identifying the types of attacks that arise on the street,  and through kenpo concepts, develop an understanding of how to defend themselves from those  attacks.  As a student trains and becomes more adept, they become mechanics of motion with the  ability to cope with an array of conflicts.  Through class a student learns to condition their  minds and bodies to handle challenges of conflict and develop personal confidence through awareness.  The added benefit for adults is a sense of measureable success and improvement which often is  missing in a daily routine.

Adult classes include advance skill sets to appeal and develop higher level students, as well as, meeting the needs of the new and intermediate students.  Each level attendee will find classes inspiring and thoughtfully constructed to maximize learning and achievenment.  Come and feel the experience.

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