1st Brown C/D

Techniques:                                Attacks:

1. Dance of Darkness – Front right kick followed by a right punch

2. Falcons of Force – Flank left and right shoulder grabs/ two men

3. Bear and the Ram – Front right punch / rear bear hug-arms free/ two men

4. Clipping the Storm – Front right thrusting club

5. Protecting Fans – Front left and right punch combination

6. Grasping Eagles – Front right lapel grab / Rear left shoulder grab / two men

7. Parting of the Snakes – Front right punch / rear closed shoulder grab / two men

8. Leap of Death – Right step thru straight punch

9. Raining Lance – Right step thru overhead knife

10. Unfurling Crane -Front left roundhouse punch-right punch combination

11. Courting the Tiger – Flank left and right arm shoulder and wrist grabs / two men

12. Glancing Lance – Right shuffle knife thrust


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