Green Requirement-C/D

Techniques:                                     Attacks:

1. Begging Hands – Front two hand grab to wrists

2. Thrusting Wedge – Front two hand high push or choke

3. Shield and Mace – Front right step thru punch

4. Retreating Pendulum – Rear crossover right thrusting heel kick

5. Raking Mace – Front two hand lapel grab

6. Destructive Twins – Front two hand choke-pulling in

7. Defying the Storm – Front right step thru roundhouse club

8. Tripping Arrow – Front bear-hug arms free

9. *Flashing Wings – Right front step thru straight punch

10. *Hugging Pendulum – Drag-up front right thrusting knife-edge

11. *Snaking Talon – Front two hand push

12. *Conquering Shield – Front left stiff arm lapel grab

***Techniques 9-12 are Dragon requirements

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