Adv. Dragons


Ages 9-14

Class Times:
M 5-5:50
Th 6-6:50

This class is designed for an older youth and goes into more depth than the cubs’ class.   Students are required to know a longer curriculum at each level. Students are taught proper  falling techniques, defense techniques, strength/coordination development, and conflict recognition  and preparedness.  A variety of strategies are taught to students for conflict resolution, which in  turn leads to a sense of empowerment and confidence.  Dragons are also encouraged to be  junior assistants with the cubs, modeling their knowledge/ leadership and instilling in them the  responsibility of giving back to community.  Through their teaching they learn to master concepts they teach  and develop an investment in the students they work with.  The beauty of maturity and leadership comes when sudents are empowered and trusted to convey instruction to our cubs.  Responsibility creates an air of respect that is communicated throughout the school.

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