Mr. Scott Gonzalez Owner/Director


Mr. Scott Gonzalez

7th Degree Black Belt

Scott Gonzalez and his family reside in Peoria, and offer his classes the experience of twenty-four  years in training and teaching of the late Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate. During his 28 years in Kenpo, he has had the privilege of instructing children and adult classes, advance classes  for upper ranks, and the advantage of private instruction for the development of numerous students over the years.

Mr. Gonzalez held a teaching credential in secondary education, and current fingerprint clearance by the state of Arizona. With almost a decade of working with a wide range of students  in high school classes, ranging from immersion to Honors classes, Mr. Gonzalez developed and implemented his skills to meet the multiple needs and abilities of his students, eliciting the fullest talents  of each individual.

By applying the techniques and principles of the education profession in conjunction with his  martial arts experience, and utilizing the comprehensively structured curriculum of American  Kenpo Karate, Mr. Gonzalez is able to bring a warm and unique experience to the development  of each Desert Dragon student. Additionally, his instruction includes the use of environment to enhance the training experience and generate creative flow within his students, and at this seminars.  Mr. Gonzalez has taught seminars both Nationally and Internationally, and has an ability to instruct to multiple skill sets during the seminars.

Scott  Gonzalez has been a student of the art since 1990, having earned his Black Belt through  Grandmaster Larry Tatum in 1995 in his Pasadena school.  He trained under Master Rick Jeffcoat from 1990 until 2005 when he moved to AZ and considers him both a mentor and friend.  On March 3rd, 2018, Mr. Gonzalez   was promoted to 7th Degree Black. Mr. Gonzalez  additionally trained at Brian Hawkin’s studio in Venice Beach,  CA, relishing the opportunity to work with an incredible group of black belts that offered new  insights and applications to his training.

“A 7th Degree is an incredible recognition from my peers and kenpo family.  It is born of countless hours of training and instructing, and has come to me through the influences and insight of so many kenpoists throughout the past three decades, each one a thread or threads of this promotion.  Thank you to all the people I’ve been blessed to share the mats with.”

“I would like to sincerely thank my instructor, Mr. Rick Jeffcoat, for his years of  instruction, friendship, and support. Without his countless hours and expertise in isnstructing me,  this dream would remain that, only a dream.

I would also like to extend my thanks to Mr. Hawkins and his cadre of students that  made the years in LA so educational and memorable.  The atmosphere of friendship and  excellence at your school is a major part of the experience I work to bring the Arizona community.”  Mr. Scott Gonzalez

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